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Let's do some comparisons, a savings account with a rate of 2% annual interest and today's inflation rate of 3%, hey, you just lost money! We give the banks our money and they invest it or loan it back to us at a higher interest rate. How is this? Take a look at your credit card interest rate, need I say more?

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Even a 2% average monthly return would be worth the trouble and help you to grow your wealth faster than the majority of investors.

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What are Stocks?
What are stocks, how to read stocks and play the stock market.
Stock Market Questions and Answers
Do you have stock market questions that you would like to get answered? If you do you have come to the right place.
Fundamental Analysis Techniques
There are many Fundamental Analysis Techniques that can be used for picking excellent long term investments. This page is a Fundamental Analysis for begainers guide, but can be very helpful for invest
Technical Analysis
Understand the use and techniques with Technical Analysis
How to trade stock options, options made easy
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Chart Patterns
Chart Patterns are patterns that occur in a stock. Using and identifying patterns can assist you in determining when to get into a trade and when to get out of a trade, your entrance and exit points.
What is the head and shoulders pattern?
head and shoulders pattern is and how to spot it.
What is a Bull Flag?
bull flag, what is it how to use it
Other Money Sites
Other money sites
Double Bottom
How can a double bottom help you profit?
Break Out
A break out occurs when a stock either fails to bounce off support or resistance.
What are Brokerage Commissions?
Learn about brokerage commissions.
What is a risk reward ratio?
learn how a risk reward ratio can help you.
Picking the right expiration
picking the right expiration for your stock options can be critical.
Learn about dividends
Financial Freedom Through Stock Trading
financial freedom, how to tell if you are ready.
The average investors advantage
What is the average investors advantage?
Stocks vs. CDs
Stocks vs cds, Learn why stocks are the better pick.
Stock watch list
How to make a stock watch list
Triple Top
Learn how to trade a Triple Top
Double Top
Learn how to trade double tops.
Stock Trend
trading with the trend is important. Learn why.
Learn how to trade an uptrend
Success Stories
Write your own success stories. Inspire others.
Fear and Greed
fear and greed can be the death of a trader. If you want to be successful you must learn to combat them
What is a downtrend? How do you trade it? Learn here.
Keeping a Trading Record
A trading record can be important. Too many traders don't keep record.
Top Picking
what is top picking. Why you should avoid it.
Few Stock Strategies
Learning a few stock strategies can be helpful for you.
bear flag pattern
The bear flag pattern is a continuation pattern. It is normally a good signal that a stock is going down.
descending triangle
descending triangle are bearish continuation patterns. They are typically found in downtrends.
ETFs can be a powerful way to make money in the market. They are unlike stocks because they do nt track companies.
compound interest
compound interest
volatility indexes
The Volatility indexes are used to measure the Volatility in the market. Investor use this in a few different ways.
What is leverage
Leverage is a way to get more with less. It is the reason why some people can surpass others.
buying on margin
Buying on margin can help a stock trader make money in the markets. It is a loan you can take to buy a stock.
margin calls
Margin calls can be devestating. Their are a few steps you can take to prevent them.
bulls market
A bulls market is when the over all trend of the market is upward.indexes such as the S&P, NADAQ, and the Dow Jones are good indicators of this
company earnings
Company earnings are something everyone who trades stocks should be aware of. When a company announces its earning there is a lot of speculation in the air.
cup and handle chart pattern
The cup and handle chart pattern is a good indicator of future movements. It is said that the target can be figured out by...
market bulls
Market bulls are traders who believe stocks will go up in the near future. These traders are favored during a bulls market.
bears market
A bears market is a naturally occuring cycle. Some traders will actually perfer them over a bulls market.
market bears
Market bears are traders who believe the stock market will head down in the near future. Their are a number of reasons why someone would choose to be bearish.
Out of the money stock option
An out of the money stock option is a high risk high reward trade. Some traders actually perfer that.
in the money stock option
An in the money stock option is a good way to leverage your money. It has less risk than an out of the money option.
at the money stock option
at the money stock option
bullish pennant chart pattern
A bullish pennant chart pattern is a continuation pattern. It has a price target of ....
Bearish wedge
A bearish wedge can either be a continuation pattern or a reversal pattern. This depends on which direction the market was going before the pattern happened.
base on base pattern
A base on base pattern is bullish continuation pattern. It occurs to strong stocks that are in a bearish environment.
symmetrical triangle
A symmetrical triangle is a trend continuation pattern. Its target is said to be found by ...
bearish triangle
the bearish triangle pattern is a continuation pattern. It show continued weakness.
dead cat bounce
The dead cat bounce is a very quick pattern. It occurs after a giant down day in a stock caused by a news event.
bump and run
A bump and run chart pattern is a reversal pattern. It occurs after a large uptrend.
How do options work
How do options work? Well, when you buy an option what you are actually doing is paying for a right.
intrinsic value
The intrinsic value for a stock option is the difference between a stock’s price and the option’s strike price.
time value
Time value is a very important concept to understand if you are going to trade options. It will help you to understand how your option is prices.
rounding top pattern
A rounding top chart pattern is a bullish chart pattern. It will occur after a large uptrend. Eventually the stock will start t weaken and fall.
Flat base
The flat base pattern is a continuation pattern. After a large uptrend prices can turn very flat.
NASDAQ market
The NASDAQ market is the largest market in the US with 3,200 different stocks.
The S&P is the most widely used index. It is said to track the performance of the US economy overall. The S&P 500 contains 500 large company’s stock (hints the name).
Diagonal spread
The Diagonal spread can be a very effective way to pull monthly income out of the stock market and keep have long term gain as well.
head and shoulders top pattern
The head and shoulders top pattern is a pattern that will often form at the top of a trend. It signals that the trend will probably be coming to an end. It consists of 2 shoulders, (stock highs) and
bearish rectangle pattern
The bearish Rectangle pattern is a bearish continuation pattern. This means a downwards breakout of this pattern will likely signal a stock crash.
bullish rectangle pattern is easy to _recognize
the bullish rectangle pattern is an easy to recognize chart pattern that can help you predict stock movements. Learn the secret and profit.
bid and ask price
The bid and ask price are very important to understand in the stock market. They are the prices you can buy and sell stocks and options at.
Overhead supply
Overhead supply is a chart pattern that traders will typically try to avoid. It signals that the stock is likely not to make any big advancement in the near future.
triple bottom
The triple bottom pattern is a trend reversal pattern. This means it normally occurs at the bottom of a trend and signals that the stock will most likely head up.
Bearish pennant
A bearish pennant pattern is a continuation pattern. That means it will likely signal further weakness in a given stock.
stock chart settings
The stock chart settings are different from trader to trader. You should have your own chart setting based on how your own personal preferences and your trading system.
Candlesticks are perhaps the most widely used graph type in the stock market. Their are bullish candlesticks and bearish candlesticks.
line chart
A line chart is a very popular chart setting among traders. It is a very simplistic way to read charts. Basically this is applies the standard graph to a stock chart.
bar chart
A bar chart is a very popular graph type for stock investing. In this chart every day is plotted showing its open price, closing price, days low, and the high.
Backtesting your trading system can be a good idea to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your system. It is a very important tool you must use to create a working system.
Oscillators are stock indicators that offer buy and sell signals, based on mathematical formulas. Many traders consider them a great addition to your trading system.
The RSI indicator is a momentum indicator created by Welle Wilder. Its goal is to take past stock prices and give you buy or sell signals based on those prices.
ADX indicator
The ADX indicator is used to determine the strength of a trend of a given stock or commodity in the open market. It might be used as a confirming indicator or help to give you early warning signals t
Bollinger bands
Bollinger bands were created in the 1980s by John Bollinger. It is a stock oscillator designed to help a trader predict what could happen in the near future for a given stock.
Balance of market power
The balance of market power indicator is used to determine the strength of th bulls and the bears in the given stock. When the bulls gain power the indicator goes up. When the bears gain power the i
protective put
Buying a protective put can be a great way to help cut your losses short in the stock market. This is a strategy that many big name investors use in order to protect themselves from the downside when
Rate of change
The Rate of change is an indicator that gives off buy, and sell signals based on a mathematical formula. It is uses price to try and determine what will happen to a given stock.
stock market traders
Stock market traders can be quite profitable. But there are a lot of different types of traders out there. Each new person looking to make money in the market should decide for themselves which typ
Who was Jessie Livermore?
Jessie Livermore was considered to be the greatest stock trader who ever lived. He acquired many vast fortunes in his lifetime through the stock market.
Why use Candlestick patterns?
Candlestick patterns are an extremely useful way to predict the direction a stock will move. Get free information on what these patterns look like.
Why can option selling be effective?
Option selling is a way take advantage of time decay. It helps to make money as option prices decay.
What is a Day Trader?
A Day trader attempt to make money in the market by trading the market while it is open. They will enter and exit trades before the day is closed that is why it is called day trading.
What is trend trading?
Trend trading is a stock market strategy that tries to make money in the markets by finding a trend and sticking with it. It can be a very profitable way to trading.
Morning star
The morning star also called the shooting star is a candlestick pattern that signals a potential rise on a given security. This pattern consists of 3 different days.
the bullish engulfing pattern
The bullish engulfing pattern is a chart pattern that is used as a bullish signal in the stock market. It consists of two different days.
Hammer pattern
The hammer pattern is a candlestick pattern that offers a bullish buy signal for the given security. This pattern will come at the end of a large number of down days.
Hanging man
The hanging man candlestick pattern is a bearish signal that indicates a stock will likely end an upward streak. It is a very powerful reversal pattern.
Evening star chart pattern
The evening star chart pattern is a bearish reversal pattern. It consist of three different candlesticks or three different days.
Stock Market Articles
It is important to read stock market articles every now and then for a few different reasons. They can help you in many different ways.
The Doji Candlestick
The doji candlestick pattern is a pattern that will come again and again in the market. There are four different types. Each gives off a different signal.
What is a Dark Cloud Cover?
A Dark cloud cover is a bearish reversal pattern. It can mark the top of a bull run and be the beginning of a crash of the security.
Downside Tasuki Gap
The downside tasuki gap is a bearish candlestick pattern. It consists of three different days and will occur during a downtrend.
Protecting your capitol with leaps
Protecting your capitol is very important in the stock market. One of the most common techniques used to achieve this is buying leaps to protect you from the downside. They can be used like sort of
Piercing line candlestick pattern
The piercing line candlestick pattern is a bullish reversal pattern that can be a great benefit when trying to determine the end of a bearish pullback.
Harami candlestick pattern
The Harami candlestick pattern is a reversal pattern. It consists of two different candlesticks and is considered accurate by many traders.
What is the island reversal?
The island reversal pattern is a candlestick pattern that can mark the short term reversal of a stock. There are two different patterns the bullish reversal and the bearish reversal.
Bullish Rising Three Method
The rising three method is a bullish candlestick pattern that signals continued strength for a given security. They normally occur after an uptrend.
Falling three method
The falling three methods is a bearish candlestick pattern that can be used to confirm continued downward pressure of a given security.
Inverted hammer
The inverted hammer is a bullish reversal pattern. It can be a powerful way to help predict market movements or a given security.
Bearish Breakaway Candlestick Pattern
The bearish breakaway candlestick pattern is a bearish reversal pattern. It is considered an effective way to help predict a bearish move in a stock.
Bearish advance block
The bearish advance block is a bearish reversal pattern. It can predict the top of a trend.
Bullish kicking Candlestick pattern
The Bullish kicking candlestick pattern is a bullish indicator. It is a very relyable candlestick pattern.
Bearish Three Black Crows
The bearish three black crows candlestick pattern is considered to be a strong bearish indicator. This candlestick pattern consists of three different days.
The option Greeks
The option Greeks are used to understand and predict the change in option prices. These stock Greeks are theoretical prices that are arrived with mathematical formulas.
Side by Side White lines
Side by side white lines can give off a bearish signal. This pattern can show weakness in the bulls for a given security.
Stock option delta
The stock option Delta is a greek that is designed to help you figure out the price an option should be trading at for every 1 point move in the stock price.
Bearish Tri star
bearish tri star is a bearish candlestick pattern that will often come at the top of a trend.
Option Gamma
The option Gamma is an option Greek that can be helpful when predicting a change in the price of Delta. Delta changes for every 1 point move in the stock and it can be useful to calculate the rate at
Bullish tri star
The bullish tri star pattern is a bullish reversal that consists of three different days. All of these days are dojis and will appear to be in a triangular pattern.
Option Theta
The option theta is a greek that is said to be able to measure the affect of time decay on an option contract. It identifies how much value an option will lose for every 1 day that passes.
Bearish kicking pattern
The bearish kicking pattern is a bearish stock market sign. It does not require the prior trend to either be up or down.
Option Vega
The option Vega is an option Greek that can be used to determine how much an option will change for every 1 percentage point change in volatility.
Bearish Two Black Crows Pattern
The bearish two black crows pattern is a top reversal candlestick pattern that can be very useful. The pattern consists of three different days.
Bearish Three Inside Down Pattern
The Bearish three inside down pattern is a bearish reversal indicator. This pattern consists of three different days.
Three White Soldiers
The three white soldiers candlestick pattern is a bullish continuation pattern. The pattern consists of three different days.
The Marubozu is a continuation pattern. This candlestick pattern consists of just one candlestick.
Rho Option
The Rho measure how much the price of an option will move if the interest rate changes. That can be important if you believe the interest rate is going to make a big move any time soon.
Bullish Belt Hold
The bullish belt hold is a stock maket reversal signal. It consists of only 1 candlestick, but should occur after a downtrend in the markets.
Bullish Matching Low
The Matching low is a reversal pattern that consists of two different candlesticks.
Bullish Stick Sandwich Pattern
The bullish Stick Sandwich often comes during the end of a downward move and predicts the start up of a bullish move. There are three different candlesticks for this pattern.
Ladder Bottom
The ladder bottom is a candlestick pattern that usually appears at the end of a downward market. This pattern consists of 5 days.
Three Line Strike
The three line strike is a bearish pattern that appears during the end of a large run up in price. This pattern consists of 4 different days.
Stock Support
Stock support is an imaginary line at which a stock will hit a bottom and head up. This is opposed to resistance which is the imaginary top of a given stock.
Unique Three River Bottom
The unique three river bottom is a bullish candlestick pattern. Basically it confirms the harami.
Nicolas Darvas
Nicolas Darvas is one of the greatest stock traders who ever lived. One of the most amazing parts of his life is that he had no formal stock market training. He was a traveling dancer.
Bullish Meeting Lines
The Bullish meeting lines is a bullish reversal pattern. This pattern consists of two different days.
Successful trader, what it takes to be one
Someone who wants to be a successful trader must adapt a few trading traits. These traits are critical to the success of any stock market trader.
What is Stock Resistance
Stock Resistance is a level that is said to mark a stock top. The resistant line is a level that has been known to push a rising stock down.
Bullish Separating Lines
The Bullish separating lines is a candlestick continuation pattern. It signals that a strong up trending stock is likely to rally.
Income Stocks
Income stocks are stocks that traditionally pay high dividends. This investment vehicle is for conservative investors who want the steady investment income provided by these securities.
Growth Stocks
Growth Stocks are for aggressive investors. Unlike Value investors who care about the here and now, growth investors care about the future earnings of companies.
What is a Market Order?
A market order is the easiest way to buy stocks. Market orders will simply tell your broker to buy or sell your stock at a whatever price the stock is trading at. This is true regardless of the pric
Value Investing
Value investing is the process of getting into undervalued stocks. A value investor would get into strong companies whose stock has not been given noticed by the market.
What is a Limit Order
A limit order allows you to buy a stock (or sell) at a given price or better. This order can benefit you in many different ways.
Swing trading challenges
There are 5 challenges of a swing trading. All swing traders face these problems and should be overcome to be successful in the stock market.
Stop Order
A Stop order is an order that is used to limit loss or protect profits in a given position. This order has become very popular in the trading world.
Stop Limit Order
A Stop Limit order makes it easier to get into a stock at an exact price by combing the stop order with a limit order.
What is a Contingency Order
A contingency order is an order that you can use to place a trade. This order is different than other orders because it comes with a trigger.
Trailing Stop
A trailing stop is a stop order that can be used to let your winner ride while at the same time cutting your losses short. Of course those two things can be helpful in the stock market.
What is the pe Ratio
The PE ratio (price to earnings ratio) measures a company’s earning compared to the stock price. It helps tell if a stock is undervalued or overvalued.
Earnings Per Share
The Earnings per share or EPS is simply the amount the company is worth per share of stock. It is calculated knowing the net earnings and the price of a stock.
What is an Income Statement
It can be called an income statement, income and expense statement, or a profit and loss statement, but what is it and how can we use it. Well it is simply the statement companies give out that tells
Price To Book Ratio
The Price to Book Ratio or PB is a way to determine if a company’s stock is undervalued. It is a fundamental study that can be very helpful.
PEG ratio
The PEG ratio or price to earnings ratio is a competitor to the PE ratio. The PEG has become popular because it factors in earnings growth as well as present earnings.
Price to Sales Ratio
The Price to sales ratio or ps is another way to decide if a company is overvalued or undervalued. Instead of taking into consideration the earnings like the p/e the p/s looks at the overall sales of
Return on Assets
The Return on Assets ratio or ROA is a fundamental indicator that is used to show you how profitable a company is when it is compared to its Assets.
Book Value
The book value or BV of a company is the value of the true assets carried by a company. This gives you the amount of assets a share holder would theoretically receive if a company was liquidated.
Return On Equity Ratio
The Return on equity or ROE is a financial ratio that measures the return based of the equity of the stock. This is considered to be one of the best fundamental indicators.
Return On Capital Employed
The return on capital employed or ROCE is a financial ratio that is used to determine how much money a company makes with a given investment. Unlike the ROE ratio this ratio factors in both equity an
WACC (Weight Average Cost of Capital)
The WACC (weighted Average Cost of Capital) is a fundamental evaluation of a corporation. It takes into consideration a company’s debt and equity.
Financial Ratios
Financial Ratios give you an insight of a company and allow you to find great investment opportunities. There are a variety of different ratios and they can be broken down into five categories.
Quick Ratio
The quick ratio or asset test ratio is indicators of a company’s short term liquefy. It measures a company’s ability to meet its short term obligations with its assets.
Accounts Receivable Ratio
The accounts receivable ratio is used to measure how effectively a company is extending credit and collecting debt.
Average Collection Period
The Average Collection Period measures the time it takes for a bussiness to receive payments owned. It has proven to be a valuable resourse when determining the strength of a company.
Inventory Turnover Ratio
The inventory turnover ratio is used to tell if a company is keeping a good sized inventory based on their sales. It is considered to be a very important figure.
Debt Ratio
The Debt Ratio compares a company’s debt to assets. This allows the investor to see the long term perspective of a company.
Debt to Equity Ratio
The Debt to Equity Ratio is used to measure a company’s financial leverage. It compares how much the company owes to the total shareholder equity.
Interest Coverage Ratio
The interest coverage ratio is used to determine a company’s ability to pay its expenses. It takes into consideration the interest a company pays on its debt.
Gross profit margin
A company’s gross profit margin (gross margin) measures the company’s revenue after cost of goods sold. Simply it is how much they sold something vs. how much it cost them to get it.
Dividend Yield Ratio
The Dividend Yield ratio can be helpful when looking for income producing stocks. This ratio simply tells you how much dividends a stock is paying off for the price of the stock.
Dividend Payout Ratio
The Dividend Payout Ratio is used to determine the percentage of earnings that are given to the shareholders in the form of dividends.
Cash Flow Ratio
The operation cash flow ratio is used to determine a company’s ability to pay its liabilities based off of its cash flow. If a company does not make enough to pay its debt it can be a poor investment
Cash Current Debt Coverage Ratio
The Cash Current Debt coverage ratio measures a companys ability to repay their current debt. Unlike the current and acid test ratio which looks at the year end balamce of assets this ratio looks at
Enterprise Value
The Enterprise Value is a way of measuring a company’s value. It is a much more realistic way then measuring a company’s Market Cap.
Market Capitalization
The Market Capitalization ( Market Cap ) is used to value a company. It states the total value of a firms outstanding shares.
Net Profit Margin Ratio
The Net Profit Margin Ratio or net margin is used to determine a company’s profitability. It determines how much they keep for every dollar that they sell.
Levered Free Cash Flow
The Levered Free Cash Flow shows you the amount of cash available to pay shareholders after it has paid its debt. It can be a very important figure.
The EBITDA or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization is used to measure a company’s profitability.
Fiscal Year
The Fiscal Year (FY) or Financial Year is a term that represents a company’s budget for the entire year. It is where the majority of fundamental indiicators used to evaluate a company’s streangth com
The ADXR is a different form of ADX. It allows us to calculate the same thing. Except it does it at a different rate.
Ease of Movement Indicator
The Ease of movement Indicator (EMV) is used to give off buy and sell signals for stocks, commodities and anything else that is tradeable. It was first developed by Richard W Arms.
Diluted Earnings Per Share
The Diluted Earnings Per Share or diluted EPS is used to help determine if a company’s stock is overvalued or undervalued. It is different than the basic EPS in one major way.
Trade Stocks
There is no better way to trade stocks then by using technical analysis. It allows you to identify the short term moves before they happen.
Chande Momentum Oscillator
The Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO) is used to indicate the trend of the given stock. It was invented by Tushar Chande and has become a popular indicator.
Time Series Forecast
The Time Series Forecast is used to predict price movements. It consists of linear regression mesurements using the “Least Squares Method.”
Absolute Breadth Index
The absolute breadth index (ABI) is an oscillator developed by Norman G Fosback. The oscillator is used to measure the market volatility.
Accumulative Swing Index
The Accumulative Swing Index (ASI) is a variation of Welles Wilder’s swing index. It plots a running total of the swing index value for each bar.
Money Flow Oscillator
The Money flow oscillator is a technical indicator used to help predict price movement. It is calculated by averaging the highs, lows, and closing prices of a stock. It then multiplies that by the v
Awesome Oscillator
The Awesome Oscillator is used to help predict price movements of a given security. It is calculated by finding the difference between the 5 period moving average and the 34 day moving average both b
Building a Website
I never intended to build a website. My main income producing hobby has always been the stock market. One day however I came across an article describing how easy it was to make extra income from th
Haurlan Index
The Haurlan Index is an indicator developed by Peter N. Haurlan in the 1960s. It was developed to be an overbought oversold indicator.
CCT Bollinger Bands Oscillator
The CCT Bollinger Band Oscillator was developed by Steve Karnish of Cedar Creek Trading. It is a reconfiguration of John Bollinger’s Classic Bollinger Bands.
Full Service Brokers
Full Service brokers provide a variety of services for their clients including research, advices, retirement planning, and tax planning. For this they often charge more than discount brokers.
Discount Brokers
Discount brokers offer a low trading commissions but no stock advice. There are many advantages and disadvantages to opening an account with them.
Chaikin Money Flow
The chaikin money flow was developed by Marc Chaikin. It is calculated from the daily readings of the Accumulation/Distribution line.
Stock Market Correlations
There are a lot of stock market correlations. Nearly all stocks in one industry group behave the same. When the dollar falls gold should go up. The list goes on, but these correlations are not to b
Breakout Trading
Breakout trading is a trading model that tries to gain short term profits by catching a stock as it reaches new highs. These breakouts often cause a giant short term surge in the price of a stock.
Insider Trading
Insider trading is something that many stock market investors would look at. These insider traders are called that because they are people who are where the action is. They are the CEO’s the big acco
Stock Buy Backs
Stock buy backs occur when a company announces they will buy a number of shares from the market. This buying back of outstanding shares is often looked at as a bullish sign and for good reason.
Stock Merger
A stock merger or acquisition (also known as a takeover) occurs when two companies become one. This could mean a variety of things for the shareholders.
Balance Sheet
The Balance Sheet keeps a record of a company’s assets and liabilities. It gives an idea of what a company owns, owes, its owed and the amount that is invested by shareholders.
Fundamental Traders
Fundamental traders use the company’s figures to determine if a company is a good buy or a good sell. Fundamental trading is normally a long term investment approach but can also be used for the shor
Find Set ups and Chart Patterns
Are you looking for a way to find set ups and chart patterns? As a trader one of the things you will need is the ability to find trading set ups.
Stock Rumors
Stock Rumors move the market. When everyone hears a rumor about a company the stock price will reflect that.
Put Call Ratio
The put call ratio or put to call ratio is collected by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). It is used to determine if the stock market is overbought or oversold.
Trading Online
Trading online and trading on the stock market exchange floor are the two ways you can trade today. It is the tale of traditional trading and modern trading.
Paying Dividends on your short plays
You receive the obligation of Paying dividends when you short a stock. This seems worse then it actually is. There is still plenty of money to be made in the market on the short side.
Average True Range Indicator
The average true range indicator (ATR) was first introduced by J. Wells Wilder in his book New Concepts For Technical Trading Systems. The indicator measures volatility in the market.
The Trading Secret
There is a trading secret out there that all successful traders use. It is a secret that 90% of traders who fail are unable to grasp and thus lose money. To make consistent money in the trading worl
Detrended Price Oscillator
The Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO) was described by Steve Achelis in his book Technical Analysis from A to Z. It attempts eliminate the long term trend and find immediate overbought and oversold ar
Value Trap
A value trap can often hurt bottom pickers in their quest to buy low and sell high. These stocks can disguise themselves as great opportunities when they really aren’t.
Fire Sale
A fire sale normally occurs after a bears market when there are many cheap stocks in the financial market. In fact it can appear that all stocks are cheap and undervalued during this time.
Discounted Cash Flow
The Discounted Cash Flow ratio (DCF) uses a company’s estimated future profits to decide if the stock is a good buy or not. It can help determine if a company is growing.
How the Stock Market Works
Have you ever wondered how the stock market works or why we have a stock exchange to begin with? It is simple, because it makes sense to have one.
Investing quotes and Trading Quotes
Stock investing quotes and trading quotes can be helpful when you enter the market. They can be inspirational and often times can hold a lot of truth. Here is a list of quotes by very successful peo
Capital Gains Tax
The Capital Gains Tax is used to tax individuals on their stock trading profits or investing profits. There are two different ways in which stock profits can be taxed.
Stock Market Jokes
Stock market jokes can be fun. Sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself with investment jokes and trading jokes. Below is a good list.
Dividend Tax
The Dividend tax is a tax on the dividends you receive from a company. We would all like to believe there is no tax on dividends but there is.
Long Term Capital Gains Tax
Long term capital gains tax is a tax on all long term gains in equities. It is normally taxed at a much lower rate than short term gains.
Short Term Capital Gains Tax
The short term capital gains tax is normally much higher than the long term capital gains tax. It is seen more as an income then as an investment.
Capital Loss
Capital loss happens when you have lost money in the stock market by selling an equity for less then what you bought it for. This can be used to Wright off your taxes.
Trader Tax Status
The trader tax status allows you a number of benefits over investors. However it in order to qualify for it you must meet certain conditions.
Types Of Mutual Funds
There are many types of mutual funds that offer you a way to enter the stock market. Some are considered safe investments and some are considered risky investments
Treasury Bills
Treasury Bills or t-bills are considered the safest investment you can make. Even thuogh these are considered very safe it comes with a a very low return.
Money Market Funds
Money market funds or principal stability fund is a safe investment that seeks to limit the risk to exposure to loss by investing in short term debt.
Fixed Income Funds
Fixed income funds or bond funds are a type of mutual fund that invest in bonds and other fixed income investments. These funds are for more conservative traders.
Balanced Funds
Balanced Funds or hybrid funds are mutual funds that seek to provide a balance between income and capital growth. To do this they diversify between common stock, preferred stock, bonds, and short ter
Stock Funds
Stock Funds or equity funds make up the largest category of mutual funds. These funds invest primarily in stocks. The objective of these funds is long term capital growth with little or no income in
Index Funds
Index Funds or Index Trackers are used to represent the market average. Because most mutual funds can’t beat the market these funds are possible the best type of mutual funds.
Global Funds
Global funds allow you to invest in multiple different countries. This allows you to have a more diversified portfolio.
International Funds
International funds or foreign funds can help to diversify your portfolio. These funds invest in equities that are outside of your home country.
The Vice Fund
The vice fund is a mutual fund that invest primarily in sinful stocks, or stocks that are considered morally irresponsible. These stocks include such companies as alcohol, tobacco, weapons, gambling,
Socially Responsible Funds
Socially responsible funds have been becoming more and more popular in recent times. These companies take part in socially responsible investing (SRI), which means they invest only in companies that
Wolf Wave
The wolf wave is a chart pattern that can be used to help predict the price movement of a stock. In the pattern the stock bounces back and forth between support and resistance.
History of The Stock Market
The history of the stock market stretches as far back as 1606. It was then that the first stock was issued for the Dutch company
Stock Trading Terminology
Knowing some stock trading terminology can be useful if you are in the market. Below you will find a list of stock trading terms and their definitions.
After Hours Stock Trading
After hours stock trading refers to trading securities after the major exchanges have already closed. Typically this lasts from 4 pm to 8 pm eastern standard time.
Buy To Cover
The buy to cover order allows you to buy back stocks or options that you have shorted in order for you to fill your position.
Buying Power
Buying power refers to the amount of money you have available in your account to buy equities. When you buy equities your buying power goes down. When you sell equities your buying power goes up.
Spread Betting the Financial Markets
Spread betting is a form of investing that allows you to take a leveraged position on a given security. What happens is a spread betting Company will give you two prices for a stock an offer and an B
Good till Canceled Orders and Day Orders
Day orders and good till canceled orders are two order types that you should be familiar with as a trader. They each have their advantages.
In the money Covered calls?
In the money covered calls occur when you buy a stock and sell a call on it that has a strike price lower than the stock. There are a number of reasons for doing this.
Stock Futures
Stock futures trading can be a very rewarding yet very risky thing to do. Basically a futures contract gives the buyer the right to lock in a certain price for the stock in the future.
What is a Hedge Fund?
A hedge fund is a fund that aggressively manages a portfolio and uses more advanced forms of investing then the normal mutual funds. They can use long and short positions as well as buying on leverag
Getting into a Stock Pullback
Getting into a stock pullback can be great if it works. But if it doesn’t, well let’s just say you’d better have a stop in place to limit your loss.
Debt To Capital Ratio
The Debt to Capital Ratio measures how much debt a company is using to finance its operations when compared to its total capital.
Holding The Market
Holding the market is an illegal strategy that could potentially be used to stop a security from falling. The big problem is that this strategy may not even be worth it.
Bear Call Spread
A Bear Call Spread is a great way to profit from a stock as the stock is going down. It is a way which we can be partially bearish on a stock, but we do not need the stock to fall in order for us to
Bull Put Spread
The Bull put spread allows you to make money as a stock rises. It is more conservative than buying a stock or a call because the stock does not necessarily need to go up for you to make money.
Collar Option Spread
The Collar option spread is a way to utilize the covered call strategy. Only this strategy looks at the big problem of covered calls, the down side.
Option Straddle Plays
An option straddle play refers to a play in which you are anticipating a stock to make a big move, but you do not necessarily care which direction the stock moves.
Stock Trading Plan
Before you start trading in the markets you want to create your own stock trading plan. This allows you to treat trading like a business which in return it will pay you like a business.
The Bear Put Spread Strategy
The bear put spread is a strategy that allows you to profit as a stock goes down or even sideways. It involves buying and selling puts.
Selling Naked Puts
Selling naked puts is a strategy that can be used to get into a stock and to bring in monthly income from the stock market. To do this you use put option.
Managing the risk of Option Selling
Most people do not look at the risks of option selling. They are lured to options because of their huge profit potential, but often times do so without creating a plan of action for when they are wro
The Diagonal Spread Strategy
The diagonal spread strategy involves buying an option with a strike price that is far away and selling closer strike prices to generate an income.
Naked Call Strategy
The naked call strategy comes with unlimited risk and therefore is considered one of the riskiest, if not the riskiest strategy out there.
Strangle Option Spread
The strangle option spread is a risky strategy with high rewards that can be used to profit if a stock makes a big enough move in either direction.
Option Spreads
Option spreads allow you to take advantage of the high reward potential of option trading but with higher probabilities.
Vertical Spread
A vertical spread is formed when you buy and sell options of the same category in the same month, but with different strike prices.
Horizontal Spread
A horizontal spread happens when you buy an option and sell an option on the same stock with the same strike price, but with different expiration dates.
What are Credit spreads?
Trading Credit spreads allow you to get profit first. It is one of the most widely traded spread strategies out there.
Debit Spreads
Debit spreads allow you to profit from what a stock is not going to do. They are similar to credit spreads but work in a different way.
What are call options?
Buying call options is a great way to gain leverage in your account as the stock makes a nice sized move. They can be used to increase your profit potential and in some cases decrease your risk.
What is Position sizing?
Position sizing is a way for traders to manage risk and keep their account balanced. It is a must for anyone who is serious about making money in the stock market.
Put Option
A put option allows you to make money from a falling stock. It is like shorting stocks only you get leverage on your side.
Leap Options
Leap options give the buyer leverage in stock moves that can last a long time. They are long option contracts that produce a much higher gain then just buying the stock.
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Active Trading VS Passive investing
Passive investing and active trading are the two ways to approach the stock market. Everyone will argue about which way is better and which way is safer, but in the end it comes down to which investm
Getting Free Trades With Zecco
We’ve all seen the advertisements around the web saying things like “Get free stock trades by signing up with Zecco.” But is it real? And if it is how can they afford to do that?
Pump and Dump
Pump and dump or “hype and dump” is something you need to be aware of when you are in the stock market. And here’s why.
Revenge Trading
Revenge trading like all emotional trading is something that you need to avoid. It is simply when you say, “take my money, I’ll show you.”
Cyclical Stock, What it is and Why I love it
Trading a Cyclical stock can make you a ton of money if you do it right. They often make huge moves in your favor and bring hug profits in the short term.
10 Reasons Why I don’t Buy Mutual Funds
Some People love mutual funds, not me. There are 10 reasons why I don’t buy mutual funds in any market.
Gordon Growth Model
The Gordon Growth Model was first published by Myron J Gordon in 1959. It is a model for determining the intrinsic value of a stock and is based of future dividends that grow at a relatively consiste
Dollar Cost Averaging
Dollar Cost Averaging (DAC) Also known as the constant dollar plan is the idea that putting a small monthly payment into the market can bring you good returns. But how great is it?
Hurdle Rate of Return
The hurdle rate is the minimum return a company or investor is willing to take in order for them to start investing in the company.
What is Net Present Value?
The net present value (NPV) is something that very useful, both for big companies planing to grow and for the individual investor.
Internal rate of return
The internal rate of return (IRR) also known as the Economic rate of return (ERR) is used to rank a company’s potential projects from most attractive to least attractive.
What are ETFs?
Have you ever wondered, what are ETFs? Maybe you are just getting into the market and have heard of them or maybe you have been trading them and want to know what you are trading.
Inverse ETFs, Should You?
Inverse ETFs or short ETFs allow you to profit from a falling market. If you think a specific sector, or index will go down you can profit from that move by buying the inverse ETF.
3 x ETFs, the Latest hit
The 3 x ETFs are the newest things to hit the market. They provide you with huge returns or losses when you compare them with regular stocks, so should you use them?
Trading Stock Options For Huge Profits
So you want to start trading stock options do you? I don’t blame you; a 10% gain in the price of a stock can mean several hundred percentage point gains for the price of an option.
5 Stock Tips to becoming a Successful Trader
When People look for stock tips they look for someone to tell them which stock will go up and make them a million dollars. But I’m going to give you something much more valuable, especially when you
Solvency Ratio
The Solvency ratio is a way investors can measure the company’s ability to meet its long term obligations. Obviously if the company is going to go bankrupt you do not want to invest in it.
Small Cap Stocks
Small cap stocks are simply smaller companies, depending on who you talk to small caps, can be stocks with a market capitalization of $1 billion and lower or they can be stocks with a market capitaliz
Blue Chip Stocks
Blue chip stocks are stocks from large and well established companies. They get their name from the game of poker where the blue chips are the chips with the highest value.
Your Trading Mind
Recently I was talking to a successful trader by the name Mercedes Oesterman Van Essen. She has made some very good points.
When Chart Patterns Fail
Chart patterns provide you with a technical buy/sell signal in the market that can make you money. But yes they do not always work. These patterns will fail from time to time and you will have tradi
The Best Stock Market Books available
There are tons of stock market books on the market today. But how do you know which ones are any good? Well here is a list of some of the best.
My interview with Mercedes
Mercedes has been trading for 9 years, she is also the Author of The Buddhist Trader and has a website
Trading For A living
Trading For a Living is a book written by Dr Alexander Elder. It is a classic trading book that all traders should read at some point.
10 steps to learn Stock Trading
So you want to learn stock trading do you? It will not be easy, but it can definitely be worth it. If you get good enough you might even quit your job and become a full time trader.
Unsystematic risk, what is it and how to reduce it
Unsystematic risk also known as diversifiable risk or residual risk is something that every investment comes with. There is nothing that can eliminate this risk completely, but it can be reduced.
The Short Interest Ratio and how to use it
The short interest ratio like the put to call ratio is used to gage market settlement. It allows you to understand where other people believe the market will go.
Rolling Options, how this simple strategy can increase your returns
Rolling options is a great way for you to take profits from option contracts you already have and increase your returns.
Stock Orders
Placing stock orders to get into stock positions can be confusing. There are many different order types out there that can all help you get into open posions.
Trading the Butterfly Spread
The butterfly spread is very popular among professional traders. It involves 4 option contracts and can be a little confusing.
Does The January Effect Work?
The January effect is suppose to be an indicator of where the market will go in the month of January and for the rest of the year after it. There are two affects that the month of January should have
Backspread, What is it and How to Use it
The Backspread is an option strategy that attempts to profit by buying and selling a certain number of the same options. This spread can either be done with all calls or with all puts.
How to Win Friends and Influence People Review
How to Win Friends and Influence People brings to light the need for what all of us know which is treat others as you would have them treat you.
Getting Through Earnings Season
Earnings season is a time when companies announce how much they have made or lost in the past quarter, as well as talk about their future perspectives.
Looking at Implied Volatility
Implied Volatility (IV) measures how fast prices are changing on the underlying security. It is so important to pay attention to this factor because if you don’t, you might be wondering why the optio
Treynor Ratio and Sharpe Ratio
The Treynor Ratio and the Sharpe ratio (Sharpe index) where created to measure the returns earned that were in excess of what could have been earned on a risk free investment such as t-bills. In othe
Turtle Trading to Success
The turtle trading stories is one of the most famous trading stories of all time. It showed first hand that the ordinary person could learn to trade the stock market, with extra ordinary returns.
Naked Short Selling
Naked short selling or naked shorting is the illegal practice of shorting stocks that do not technically exist.
A short Warren Buffett biography
Here is a short Warren Buffett biography about his life and experience in the stock market.
Horizontal Analysis and Vertical Analysis
Horizontal Analysis and Vertical Analysis are two ways to measure a company’s financial strength. They can be useful for investors, creditors, management, and executives.
What is the Texas Ratio?
The Texas Ratio is a financial formula first developed by Gerald Cassidy and other analysts at RDC Capital Markets to measure how much stress a bank has and how likely it is that it will be around muc
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income appears on a company’s balance sheet normally under the equity section.
what is the Sortino Ratio
The Sortino Ratio was developed by Frank A. Sortino as a way to measure risk and reward when looking at a mutual fund to invest in.
What Does A Clearing Broker do?
A clearing broker is a very important piece in the stock market world. They are the ones that are responsible that investors and companies find each other and conduct smooth transactions.
What is the Portfolio Turnover? And what is it for?
Portfolio turnover is one of those major keys people look at when investing in a mutual fund. It gives them an idea of how expensive a fund can be to hold.
Avoid Selling Covered Calls During These 5 Times
Selling covered calls is a great strategy that I use on my longer term investments to generate a monthly income. All and all it really is a great strategy, but there are 5 critical times that selling
Looking At Stock Sectors to Confirm Trades
Looking at stock sectors can increase your odds of getting into a profitable trade. It is said that the industry group makes up about 50% of the price movement of the stock.
Directional Trading Vs Non Directional Trading
ALL trading ultimately falls under one of two categories, directional trading and non directional trading. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
What are the Yankee market, bulldog market, and the Samurai market?
The Yankee market, bulldog market, and samurai market are all terms used to describe different markets in different countries.
Stock Market open, Close, and holidays
The stock market open and close is at the same time during Monday through Friday except on special holidays and sometimes can close early if it is a special occasion.
The Weekend effect in the Stock Market
The weekend effect or Monday effect is a phenomenon that has affects small cap stocks more than it affects large cap stocks.
Selling Puts and Covered Calls
Selling puts is one of my favorite techniques for making money in the stock market. It brings in consistent cash flow and can help you achieve your goals much easier than buying options.
Why The Efficient Market Hypothesis is Bogus
The efficient market hypothesis and the random walk theory are bogus, yet widely accepted in the financial community. Never the less all professional traders and investors realize that they do not ho
Is Counter Trend Trading Worth It?
Counter trend trading by definition is trading against the trend. But is bottom picking or top picking really worth it?
Uptick rule
The uptick rule or the plus tick rule is the name given to a former rule created by the SEC to combat short selling.
Stock Gambling, Taking a Risky Trade
Taking on a risky trade should not be a normal thing, but it is not a bad idea every now and then. In fact if the risk to reward is high enough, it might be worth taking on a small position.
Affidavit of Loss in the Stock market
An affidavit of loss becomes important if you are buying shares of a stock where you actually receive the certificate. Otherwise it does not matter.
Closed Ended Fund
A closed ended fund (closed ended mutual fund) or a closed ended investment is a type of fund that is traded very differently then open ended funds.
Commingled Fund
A commingled fund or pooled fund is a different type of mutual fund that involves pooling all the money in different accounts together and investing that.
Types Of Insider Trading
There are two different types of insider trading, legal and illegal. Illegal insider trading works outside of the specific insider trading rules set forth by the SEC and can come with a large penalty
How to Invest In Gold ETFs
Ever wonder how to invest in gold ETFs, or why invest in gold at all? There are many ways you can go about using this precious metal as a way to lessen the effect of inflation and diversify a long ter
Master Feeder Fund
A feeder fund conducts the majority of its investing through another fund which is called the master fund. So why would you want to invest in a fund that invest in another fund?
Momentum Investing
Momentum investing or trend trading stocks is the theory that goes directly against the buy low sell high theory. Instead it tries to buy when prices are high and sell when they get higher. Amazing
Stock Split Definition
This Stock Split Definition (also known as capitalization) issue will give you an idea about what they are and how they might affect any position you would have.
Treasury Stock Method
The treasury stock method must be factored into the diluted shares earnings in order to meet the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
Attribution Analysis and Picking a Mutual Fund
Attribution Analysis is the strategy of picking a mutual fund that will both give you the highest possible return and the lowest possible risk.
What is a 401K plan and how is 403b plan different?
What is a 401K plan? How is a 403b plan different from that? Creating a 401K retirement plan will greatly help you down the road. Without it many Americans would be unable to retire and would not be
Asset Allocation Funds
Asset allocation funds come in two forms, target date funds and balanced funds. Each one can be more suitable to different investors. But what are these funds?
Allocation Rate
The Allocation rate helps you to pick a mutual fund with fewer expenses. If this rate is high then the amount of money that actually benefits from the investment is much greater.
Don’t Catch a Falling Knife When you Can Trade the Trend
“Don’t catch a Falling Knife” is more than just a funny saying, it is a philosophy. Instead of trying to trade the trend a lot of people simply go out looking for spots where the old trend will end an
Calculate Win loss Ratio and Use it
The win loss ratio calculates how often a trading system is profitable vs. how often it loses money. All trading systems will have both wins and losses so it is important to know what to expect.
Average Up or Place a Second Trade
To average up is to add more to a winning position. This can be a very effective strategy, especially if you find a stock that is in a nice trend and makes a move of several hundreds of percentage po
Stock Option cashless exercise
A stock option cashless exercise is a way of using margin in order to exercise buying a stock using employee stock options.
How Drip Investing Can Affect your Long Term Profit
Drip Investing or dividend reinvestment plan investing can be many times more profitable than just simply buying a stock and holding onto it for the long term.
What is Cross Section Analysis?
Cross section analysis is used to find the leadership stock in a given industry group by comparing a company with others in the same industry. This can be done by looking at company financial ratios,
Using Put to Call Parity on Stocks
Using the put to call parity to gain the same returns on the options as you would have gotten had you just bought the stock can be done, and for less cost as well.
Don’t Fight A Bull Trap
A bull trap occurs when you get a bullish signal on a stock only to watch that stock fall further and further down. When a situation like this happens it is important to remember not to fight it.
Investing for Kids, Young Investors have the Advantage
Investing for kids can be fun, and well worth it. The young investor does after all have one big advantage over others. They can afford to let their money grow for years and years on end without hav
Hindenburg Omen
The Hindenburg Omen is a technical indicator that can give you a heads up when a bulls market is likely to peak and start heading lower. This indicator was named after the famous Hindenburg disaster
How to Invest Small Amounts Of Money in the Stock Market
Want to invest small amounts of money into the stock market? Does it seem like a bad idea going in with such a small amount of money?
Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio
The Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio is a short term liquidity ratio that helps you to understand how long it takes a given company to pay off its suppliers.
Covered Call Writing, I don’t Sell Naked!
Covered call writing gives you all of the advantages that come with selling calls without the problems you get when you sell naked options.
Trend Following Book Review
Trend following, written by Michael Covel is a great book on trading with the trend and how it compares to buy and hold. Anyone who is uncertain if trend trading is actually a workable strategy shoul
Stock Market Videos
Watching stock market videos is a great way for you to continue your stock market education as well as gain insight on how professional traders think and see the stock market.
Investing in Water ETF
Investing in water or blue gold might just be what you are looking for if you want to invest in something people desperately need. Think about it, I can’t survive without water and I don’t know a sin
How To Trade in Stocks Book Review
How to trade in stocks was the only book ever written by Jessie Livermore the greatest trader who ever lived. This book does have some commentary by Richard Smitten, so it is not all Livermore’s work
Assessable Stocks, a look into the past
Assessable stocks used to be common before the 20th century. They were similar to stocks that you could buy today, but with one big catch.
What caused the great depression? The Real Story
What caused the great depression? What could have caused the booming 1920s to be followed with the worst economic disaster in US history?
Value Stocks Vs Growth Stocks
Value stocks vs growth stocks, that is the question. Everyone seems to be debating which one works best. And some people aren’t even sure what the difference is.
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5 Trading Mistakes to Avoid
Trading mistakes are a common occurrence. We all make them and learning from them is the only way we learn to trade better. But just in case you are struggling to make a decent return in the stock
Warren Buffett Quotes
Here are 20 warren Buffett Quotes that can be very helpful to the new investor. Enjoy!
75 Year Stock Market Chart
Here is the 75 year stock market chart, why? Because people tend to get caught up with what is going on now, instead if believing that stocks are a good investment for the long term we tend to get sc
How do Mutual Funds Work?
How do Mutual Funds Work? We have all heard of mutual funds, but have you ever wondered what exactly it is? You should, before you invest your money into something it is important to have some clue ab
Stock Market Timeline
This stock market timeline is for anyone interested on how the stock market came to be in the United States.
Facts About the Great Depression
These facts about the great depression will give you a better understanding of what living during that time period was really like. These facts explain everything from when was the great depression t
Yearly Average Stock Market Return
What is the yearly average stock market return? That is a question that is often on new investors minds, and rightfully so. The historical stock market returns are something for you to take note of.
Stock Market History Graph
This stock market history graph will give you a better understanding of how the stock market has looked in the past and how it is likely to keep trending up in the future.
What Are Stocks And Bonds?
Are you wondering what are stocks and bonds. What is the difference between stocks and bond? And why does it matter?
List of Dividend Paying Stocks
Here is a list of dividend paying stocks for you to look through. These are some of the Best dividend stocks with the highest yields on the market. Many of them even have a yield above 10%, meaning
Stock Trading Strategies and tips
What are your stock trading strategies? If you trade options what are your options trading strategies? If you are a long term investor what are your investing strategies?
Reverse Stock Split Definition
What is the reverse stock split definition, and how can it affect your shares? Also, what can it mean to the future of the company?
Latest Stock Market News
Here is the Latest Stock Market News for you to enjoy. Finding out about all the current events can help you to get on board as new trends emerge. Whether you want to find companies that are having
Different Ways of Investing Money
There are a number of different ways of investing money. Some strategies allow individuals the pleasure of investing money safely while others are riskier, but offer a higher rate of return.
401K Withdrawal Rules
There are certain 401K withdrawal rules which everyone must follow. You may need to take an early 401K withdrawal in times of hardship such as a divorce or loss of job, but there are certain penaltie
401k Maximum Contribution Limits for 2010
The 401K maximum contribution limits change year after year, based upon the cost of living and expectations of the future.
Self Directed 401k Plans
Self Directed 401k Plans allow the individual employee a chance to invest in their retirement plan and have a say on how it is invested. They can be a great thing for some employees, yet a terrible t
401k Information
The 401k Information and Regulations taught on this page will help you get a better understanding of what it is, and what you can do to best utilize it. Here are the 401k Facts.
What is a 401k Plan?
So, what is a 401k plan? We have all heard about it before, but few of us actually completely understand what it is. Basically a 401k is a way to help employees save for retirement.
401k Loan Rules
The 401k loan rules are a set of guidelines you must follow when taking out a loan from your 401k. There are standard rules which all plans must follow, and each individual plan may have their own ru
Self Employed 401k Plan or Solo 401k Plan
A self Employed 401k plan ( Solo 401k Plan ) gives small business owners the ability to create a tax free retirement account. It does have some similarities and some major difference when compared to
What is A Traditional IRA?
Want to know, what is a traditional IRA? Well this plan which is also known as a regular IRA was created in 1975 in order to give the common worker some tax free retirement benefits. The Traditional I
Roth IRA Rules
Here are the Roth IRA rules which you must follow when managing your retirement fund. But first let’s explain Roth IRAs a little.
IRA Withdrawal Rules
There are many different IRA withdrawal rules which will let you take out money in times of hardship without facing the IRA early withdrawal penalty. But there are certain requirements based on what p
Can I contribute to both IRA and 401k?
Can I contribute to both IRA and 401k? This is a question that you might be thinking if you are looking to invest in more than one retirement plan.
IRA Account Rules
The IRA account rules can get a little tricky, especially since there are many different types of these personal assets. But below is a list of different IRA (Personal Retirement Account) Rules which
How to Buy Stock Options
How to Buy Stock Options? Ok so you know what they are, but now you want to know how to purchase stock options. Well you are going to have to open up a brokerage account first that allows you to buy
How Does An IRA Work?
How does an IRA work? We have all heard of the plan, but in case you ever wanted to know what it is this page will help you. First of all IRA stands for individual retirement plan and was created in
Traditional Vs Roth IRA, Shocking Test
Traditional Vs Roth IRA, which one is better for your investment? Which plan helps you reach your goals faster? Well that is something I have been wondering about.
Self Directed IRA Real Estate Investing
Creating a self directed IRA real estate investing plan can be another retirement option. Holding real estate in an IRA can be a bit more tricky then investing in stocks. Only specific plans even le
401k Vs IRA
401k vs IRA which one is better? These are two competing retirement savings plans which the government will let you use to prepare for your future. But which one should you focus on?
401k to IRA Rollover
You may decide to do a 401k to IRA Rollover at some point in time. Making a 401k rollover into an IRA plan can be complicated, so I will try to explain it a little bit.
How Do I Buy Stocks?
Ever wondered, how do I buy stocks? Where to buy stocks? Maybe you are just getting into the market and are feeling clueless. Well there are couple different things that people can do in order to buy
Buy Stock Direct From Company
You can buy stock direct from company and save up some money. Of course anyone can buy stocks by opening up a brokerage account, but that can come with some commission fees. If you want to buy stock
Roll Covered Call Option
To roll covered call option or not to roll? That is the question. Ok, so you have sold a covered call on your stock and it is approaching expiration. What can you do now?
What is A Commodity?
What is a commodity? What is it and how can people actually invest into it to make money or hedge against inflation?
Commodity ETFs to Look At
Commodity ETFs allow people to invest into different commodities such as gold, water, steel, etc. Here is a short list of commodities to look at when doing your own research.
How To Invest in Commodities
Ever wonder, how to invest in commodities? Of course with their limited supply and ever growing demand there can be some good reasons to buy them. But how can you go about investing into some commodi
What is Commodity Trading?
What is commodity trading? You may have heard of buying and selling commodities online in the futures market but are not really sure exactly what it is or how it can help you make money.
Commodity Option Trading
Commodity option trading comes with its own advantages and can be extremely profitable if done correctly. In general trading commodity options is a lot like trading stock options. Each option will
Which Natural Gas ETF to Invest Into?
Investing ina natural gas ETF can be overwhelming with all the ETFs out there, the biggest of which UNG has performed terribly over the last couple of years. This is true even as many of the major
Inverse ETFs List
Inverse ETFs, also known as Bear market ETFS and short ETFs allow an investor to benefit as the price of a security goes down. Be it for better or worse these ETFs have simply exploded since they wer
Airline ETF, Not For Buy and Hold
With the creation of the airline ETF (FAA) investors are now able to get some airline exposure to their portfolios. However, it may not be a good thing to keep as a long term investment.
Investment Portfolio Diversification Overload
Creating some investment portfolio diversification can be a bad thing if you take it too far. Everyone and their grandmothers are talking about the benefits of international diversification, or diver
Do leveraged ETFs Work?
One of the biggest misconceptions about leveraged ETFs is that they double your long term results. If the SPY goes up an average of 10% a year then you only need to buy the SSO (leveraged SPY) to get
Historical Stock Splits And Their Effects
By looking at historical stock splits and seeing how they impacted stocks in the past an investor can get a good idea of what to expect in the future. Most investors will agree that stocks which have
Oil ETF Investment
An Oil ETF can be profitable if you think the price of oil will go up. So if you are wondering, how to invest in Oil or what is the best way to invest in Oil, crude oil ETFs could be just right for y
Stock market indexes history
The US stock market indexes history starts with the Dow and continues to this day. There are basically 4 major stock indexes in the US, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, S&P 500, and the Russell 3000.
Don’t Sell Naked Calls
Want to sell naked calls? When you have some success in the stock market you may start to think about other option strategies which can potentially increase your return. And while you’re at it why n
Dow Jones Industrial Average History
The Dow Jones industrial average history starts in 1896 the year that it was first created by Charles Dow. The index was the second index to be created in the US, second only to the Dow Jones Transpo
NASDAQ History
Want to know the NASDAQ history, how the NASDAQ works or even, what is the NASDAQ? Well you have come to the right place because this page is full of information about the index. Let’s began with a
List of NASDAQ Stocks
Looking for a list of NASDAQ stocks? The index that has all investors watching is called the NASDAQ 100. The NASDAQ 100 stock consists of the largest and most highly traded stocks in the NASDAQ mark
S&P 500 History and Past Performance
The S&P 500 history is something all investors can be interested in, especially when it comes to the S&P 500 historical returns and prices. So here is a S&P 500 performance chart taken throughout its
Creating an Option Trading Plan
An Online stock option trading plan is critical for anyone who wants to be successful trading options in the stock market. They may be profitable, but unless you have a plan to keep the risk in check
NYSE History (timeline)
The NYSE history all starts in 1792 that was when 24 New York Stock Brokers and Merchants signed the Buttonwood Agreement creating the New York Stock & Exchange. Here is a NYSE timeline for events th
Russell 2000 Index Information
The Russell 2000 index consists of the lower two thirds of the Russell 3000 Index. It has become the most popular of all the Russell indexes and is predominately used as a benchmark for small cap sto
Stock Market Exchanges and Indexes FAQ
I have found a long list of commonly asked stock market exchanges and indexes questions that people often ask. Here are those questions and answers to them.
How To Read Stock Charts
Want to know how to read stock charts? Reading charts is a skill that can take several years to master. That is because it is really more of an art then a science. (Even though so many creations and
Can Teenagers Invest In The Stock Market?
So, can teenagers invest in the stock market? I have already talked about how powerful investing for kids can be. Of course there is an unlimited potential from the stock market and the younger you s
Why Can’t I Roll Over My 401k Without paying 20% Taxes? Actually You Can
Wondering, Why Can’t I Roll Over My 401k Without paying 20% Taxes? You may have heard that whenever you rollover your 401k into an IRA 20% of the money in your account is withheld in order to pay for
Best Place to Invest Money
So, where is the best place to invest money? With all the different investment opportunities around, you may be wondering, where to invest your money. Well to find the absolute best place to invest
Should You Invest in Mutual Funds?
Should you invest in Mutual Funds? There are lots of theories on why you should or should not invest into Mutual funds. Personally I don’t invest in mutual funds, and for good reasons, their past per
How to Invest $150 a Month into Multiple Stocks
Wondering how to invest $150 a month into multiple stocks? It is said time and time again that if you are going to invest in the stock market for the long term you need to invest in many different sto
Mutual Fund Prices VS ETF Fees
When you look at mutual fund prices and ETF fees and compare them to their performance in the stock market there is really only one thing to ask, why aren’t more people switching to ETF?
How to Open Roth IRA Account
Want to open Roth IRA account to help save for your future but have no idea how to go about it? Opening an account is easy. The first step is deciding whether you want to open up a traditional IRA o
Your Trader Bio
Are you trading or investing into the stock market actively? If you are tell us about yourself. Who are you? What do you trade, commodities, stocks, forex? And what got you started?
Mutual Funds FAQ
This Mutual funds FAQ consists of some of the most asked questions investors have about their mutual funds. It is important to have some understanding of what you are investing in before you start to
China ETF List
Investing into a China ETF can help you to benefit as their economy grows in the future. And seeing how it has a large growth potential they are definitely worth looking at. So, here are some ETFs fr
Cash Out 401k
The Cash out 401k policies can be very tempting if you are in some serious financial trouble. In fact there are a few reasons why you may think that a 401k Cash out is for you. Maybe you...
Inherited IRA
An inherited IRA or Beneficiary IRA is the result of an inheritance from a Traditional, Simple, or Roth IRA. So, what are your options if you have received one?
1929 Crash of Stock Market Facts
The 1929 crash of stock market was the worst economic disaster of the 20th century and goes down as a learning experience for all investors and governments alike.
When Do You Pay Taxes on a Roth IRA?
So, when do you pay taxes on a Roth IRA? If you have been investing into a Roth IRA account and are wondering why you are not paying taxes on the money I will explain it below.
History of 401k Plans
Throughout history 401k plans have been a very powerful investment tools for the average employee. The earliest 401k like plan started in the early 20th. These plans where called Defined Contributi
401k Discrimination Testing
401k discrimination testing is necessary to make sure that employers do not defer a higher part of their compensation to highly compensated employees then to non-highly compensated employees.
Safe Harbor 401k Plans
The Safe Harbor 401k Plans allow employers to offer a retirement plan for their employees without having to run into the problem that come with discrimination testing.
15 Green Mutual Funds to Help You Save the Planet
Green mutual funds are one of the many socially responsible funds out there but they may have a huge advantage. Obviously the world cannot survive off of Oil and Gas forever, nothing good can come ou
Green ETF List, Investing in Green Technology
Buying a green ETF is a great way to take advantage of this rising industry. And unlike green stock investing you do not have to look for individual companies, just ETFs that are diversified over a w
Easy to Read Stock Charts to Help Your Trading
Using easy to read stock charts is a must for anyone who is looking to trade the stock market. You simply need to use the best online stock charts for technical analysis in order to get a clear grasp
How Much can My Spouse Contribute to an IRA
If you are married you may be wondering, how much can my spouse contribute to an IRA? Or can we both invest into an IRA? The answer is pretty simple and straightforward.
Balanced Mutual Funds For The Best of Both Worlds
Balanced mutual funds or hybrid funds attempt to create the best of both worlds when it comes to investing.
Using a Roth IRA as Your Emergency Fund
Using a Roth IRA as your emergency fund has its advantages and disadvantages. It can help you grow your emergency money faster than bank savings accounts, but it can also be pretty volatile as well.
Brazil ETF list
Looking for a Brazil ETF list? Not many people realize that Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has ever increasing tourism as well as a large and young population.
Is it 1929 All Over Again?
And there are some big similarities to the market today and the market of 1929, a large initial crash, a rally to the 50% retracement line on the Fibonacci, and then …
How to Invest in the Stocks Market
Want to know how to invest in stocks? Perhaps you have heard about just how powerful investing can be and want to get into it yourself. It can bring in extra income for you as well as help you to gr
How to Buy Foreign Stocks
Want to know, how to buy foreign stocks? Investing in foreign stocks isn’t as tricky as it would seem. In fact many overseas companies are just as easy to invest in as American companies.
India ETF List
Investing into an India ETF allows you to take advantage of one of the fastest growing economies on the planet. In fact economists predict that by 2020 India will be one of the largest economies arou
6 Low Commission Stock Brokers
You may need low commission stock brokers in order to actually make money while daytrading or you may just want to save a few extra dollars from your trading expenses. Either way here are some cheap
Stocks Versus Bonds
Stocks versus bonds, what are they and which one will give off a better return? That is a question you are probably asking yourself if you want to invest your money for the long term in hopes of grow
Stocks vs Mutual Funds
Stocks vs Mutual funds, that is the question. Most new investors find themselves trying to figure out if they should invest their hard earned money into stocks or mutual funds. The answer may depend
Advantages of Mutual Funds
There are many advantages of mutual funds. While there are plenty of other investment vehicles out there many people see the benefits of mutual funds and consider them to be all they need to save for
10 Internet Stock Brokers Compared
Internet stock brokers allow you to place trades much cheaper and much faster than ever before. So, which one is the best? Let’s compare stock brokers to find out.
529 Education Plans, What are they and How Can You Use them?
529 education plans are similar to Roth IRAs, but instead of that money being saved for retirement it is being saved for college.
457 Account rules
A 457 account is a retirement plan for employees who work in government or other non-taxable organizations. The 457 plan rules are similar to other plans, but can be more restrictive.
Purpose of a Roth IRA, Why It May Be Better than Traditional IRAs
What is the Purpose of a Roth IRA? What are the benefits to a Roth IRA which you do not have in a traditional IRA? There are 4 big advantages of Roth IRAs.
Roth IRA Income Limits
The Roth IRA income limits make it harder for you to contribute to your Roth IRA if you are a highly compensated employee. The Income limits for Roth IRA are as follows.
Understand Mutual Funds With this Simple Overview
Want to understand mutual funds? How do mutual funds differ from stocks? And how can you invest into them?
401k Versus Roth IRA
401K versus Roth IRA, who wins? What is a better investment option? They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Below we will look at these advantages so that you can get an idea of what wor
Check 401k Balance
It can be a good idea to check 401k balance once in a while in order to make sure that your money is being invested wisely and so you can better plan for retirement. With that said, how do I check my
401k Tips and Advice
These 401k tips can help you to save money into your account and prepare for retirement. Here is some 401k plan advice that is generally accepted and can be very useful for the average person.
401k Withdrawal Options
What are your 401k withdrawal options? The 401k withdrawal guidelines kind of depend on how old you are. If you are still under the age of 59 ½ it is not going to be easy.
Roth IRA Eligibility
You must meet the Roth IRA Eligibility rules in order to set up a Roth IRA account in your name. Basically there are 2 Roth IRA Requirements that you must meet, these are the “earned income” requirem
How to Start a Roth IRA
You can start Roth IRA and start to invest for retirement at any major financial institution such as a bank or a broker. But first, who can open a Roth IRA? What do you need and what are the requirem
What is Modified Adjusted Gross Income?
The modified adjusted gross income is simply the income that the IRS looks at when determining your IRA eligibility. Depending on how high or low your income is you may or not be able to contribute t
History of The Roth IRA
The history of the Roth IRA is really a part of the IRA History because it started to reawaken the interest in IRAs and to help individual save money outside of their employer sponsored plan.
Solar ETF
A Solar ETF may be just the thing you need if you believe that solar panels are the way of the future. Historically Solar energy has been too expensive to be profitable, but with new technological ad
401K Plan Facts
These 401k plan facts can help your 401k planning or just simply give you some great 401k info. You may need it to plan or simply may want to learn some more before investing.
401K Hardship Withdrawal Rules
While the 401k Hardship Withdrawal rules allow you to take out money early not every plan may have the option to do so. Every plan is different so taking a hardship withdrawal from your 401k plan may
Average 401k Balance For Retirees
What is the average 401k balance for retirees? It is normally a great idea to invest as much money as you can into your 401k plan, but sometimes it is nice to get an idea of what the median 401k bala
Individual 401k Plans
Individual 401k Plans (or solo 401k plan) are a 401k for small business owners who do not have any employees other then themselves and a spouse. If you own a business that fits this criterion you are
Foreign Stock Exchanges
Foreign stock exchanges track foreign stock markets, obviously. But they can be helpful to you in many ways. They allow you to see what is happening in the economy of other countries and possible wh
Best High Yielding Dividend Stocks
What are the best high yielding dividend stocks? These monthly dividend stocks can help investors make some extra cash flow from their investments. In any case it can be a nice way to create some ex
Fixed Income ETF
A fixed income ETF or Bond ETF attempts to create an investment that is stable and does not have the volatility that other investments have. The idea here is to use them not to shoot for massive gai
A Small Cap ETF invests into primarily smaller companies. What is a small cap stock? Anything that has a market value below $1 billion dollars is considered to be small, at least as far as publicly t
Agriculture ETF List
Buying an Agriculture ETF can help you take advantage of the industry without having to find individual agriculture stocks. The following agriculture investments may be worth your time investigating
Biotech ETF List
Biotech ETF allows you to gain exposure to the Biotech market. There are plenty of reasons to get interested in these stocks, after years of rapid growth and hundreds of new technologies that have bee
What Are Penny Stocks?
What are penny stocks and how do you buy them? What is the definition of penny stocks? Penny stocks are simply stocks that trade under $5 and are traded outside of the major indexes, (NASDAQ, DOW JO
Best Foreign Currency ETF List
Investing into a Foreign Currency ETF can help you profit as an individual countries currency fluctuates. So, if you think a country is going to go through deflation or will just do better than other
Private Retirement Plans
Private retirement plans can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. Here are some of the best retirement savings plans that allow you to invest tax deferred money for your future.
412 i Retirement Plan
The 412 I Retirement plan was build to benefit small business owners who are approaching retirement and have not been able to save up enough money in the past. It is designed so that all investments m
Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
A Defined Contribution Retirement Plan can help employers save up money for their employee’s retirement. What is the Defined Contribution Plan?
Family Life During the Great Depression
Family Life during the great depression was pretty hard, money was scarce so they had to make due with what they had and save on where they could. While it is impossible to say exactly how living dur
Small Cap Mutual Funds
Small Cap Mutual Funds can be a powerful way to grow your money by investing into small cap stocks. So what are Small cap stocks? These equities are basically stocks that have a market value under
The Great Depression in Australia
The Great Depression in Australia was caused by a deep dependency for foreign countries. During WW 1 the country had become a major supplier in both wool and wheat. This boosted their economy up, bu
Great Depression Timeline
The Great Depression timeline stretches from 1929-1939 (although some claim it stretches all the way untill 1941). So, without any further ado here is the timeline of the great depression.
The Great Depression in Canada
The great depression in Canada was caused by a few different aspects but most notable because of a deep dependency on exporting wheat to foreign countries.
The Great Depression in Europe
The Great Depression in Europe was caused by the collapse of the U.S. stock market in 1929. It showed just how depended European nations where on the United States for aid.
Best Stocks to Invest in, How to Find Them
The best stocks to invest in for the long term should be fundamentally strong and able to stand up against anything that the market can throw at them. To beat the market in the long term you’ll have
Articles on the Great Depression
These articles on the Great Depression can give you insight on what the 1930s Great Depression was caused by and what living during that time period would have been like. So, below is the information
The Effects of the Great Depression on the Modern World
What were the Effects of the Great Depression on the modern world? We all have a general idea of what the causes of the great depression were and how it affected life in the 30s, but its influence is
Define a Hedge Fund
How can you define a hedge fund? What are hedge funds? If you are looking for a description of a hedge fund here is a simple hedge fund definition; it is a fund that invest with strategies that are c
Unemployment during the Great Depression
Unemployment during the Great Depression reached its highest rate ever in the U.S. and many other countries around the world. To give you some idea of how big the change was, in the U.S. unemployment
How to Sell Stock
If you are trying to find out how to sell stock or where to sell stock certificate then this article will be your guide to selling common stock on the open market. The first thing you need to do is f
Short Selling Stocks
Short Selling Stocks can be a fantastic way to make money when stocks go down. If you are interested in selling stocks short this article will cover how to short a stock, as well as what it is and wh
Biggest Hedge Funds on the Planet
The biggest hedge funds in the market manage an unbelievable amount of money. Pensions and Investments created a list of the largest hedge funds in the world and update it periodically. At the time
Closed End Investment Funds
Closed End Investment funds allow individuals to invest into a diversified portfolio of equities. What is a Closed End Fund? A Closed End Investment Company can be looked at as sort of a cross betwee
Mutual Fund Prospectus
A Mutual fund prospectus outlines everything that an individual needs to understand about a given company with regards to the risks involved and the investments that a given company will be involved w
Purchase Penny Stock Cheap, Should You?
You have probably heard that you can purchase penny stock cheap and are wondering, should I buy penny stocks? It does make sense, if you can trade penny stocks by buying them for pennies and selling
How to Buy Penny Stocks
How to buy penny stocks? That was most likely the thought that was flowing through your mind when you heard about stocks trading at such low prices. There are 3 steps to doing this correctly, you mu
Problem With Good Penny Stocks that “Never Fail”
Everyone wants to find good penny stocks that are on the verge of making a several hundred percentage point return over a short time period. Looking around for the hottest penny stocks and buying the
International Bond Funds
International bond funds or global bond funds can diversify your portfolio by allowing you to invest into bonds from around the world.
How to Survive The Great Depression
I thought it would be interesting to talk about how to survive the great depression considering how I already added a group of great depression articles to this site.
Canadian Stock Brokers
There are plenty of Canadian Stock Brokers out there that can help you to invest your money and achieve your goals in the Canadian market. This article will help you find the best Canadian Online Br
Investing in Canadian Stocks
Investing in Canadian Stocks can be a great way to broaden your investment options and take advantage of bull markets in other countries. First of all if you live in Canada investing into their stock
Canadian ETF
Investing into a Canadian ETF can be a great way to start investing in Canadian markets and even diversifying your holdings across different countries. Diversification can be a great way to reduce ri
High Yield Bond Funds and ETFs
Buying high yield bond funds or a high yield bond ETF is a great way to invest money that you have lying around into a steady income producing and relatively safe investment.
What is a Stock Option?
If you are wondering what is a stock option, or what is option trading you have come to the right place. A stock option investment is unlike any other type of securities, it gives you the ability to m
The Great Depression in the South
The Great Depression in the South came at a time when the South was still not fully recovered from the civil war. As a result the economy was already in worse shape than their thriving Northern count
Practice Trading Account
Setting up a practice trading account is a critical step for all stock market traders new and experienced alike. Whether you want to start paper trading Options, Stocks, Forex, or whatever you simply
What is a Roth IRA?
What is a Roth IRA and how does a Roth IRA work? Those are a few questions you probably have after hearing about the plan and how it can actually be a much better choose than traditional 401k plans o
Minor Roth IRA, What You Need to Set it Up
Starting a Minor Roth IRA for your kids can greatly help them out in their future. If you would like to create an IRA for Children you are probably wondering, can I start a Roth IRA for a child and i
Convert IRA to Roth IRA
If you want to convert IRA to Roth IRA you will need to know some basic Roth IRA conversion rules as well as the pros and cons of doing it. So, here is a basic Roth IRA conversion summary of what you
Online Investment Calculator
This online investment calculator is a great interest calculator that lets you see the affects of a compound investment. However it does a little more than that. It is a future value of investment c
Self Directed IRA Rules
The self directed IRA rules are a bit more complicated than traditional IRAs, but the additional investment options in self directed IRA accounts makes it all worthwhile, especially if you do not mind
Self Directed Roth IRA Real Estate Investing
A self directed Roth IRA is really a fantastic way to save up for retirement. It is the best Roth IRA plan around and offers so many benefits.
Self Directed IRA Custodians
Self Directed IRA Custodians or a Self Directed IRA Trustee is required for all IRAs by law. They basically act as the middle man between an investor and their IRA account.
History Facts Stock Market
These history facts stock market are actually very entertaining. Learning stock market facts and the history of the stock market can give you a new outlook on how the market is and how it functions t
Trailing Stop Loss Orders, What Are They And How to Use Them
Trailing stop loss orders can be a fantastic tool for traders. It is a great way to keep your loses short while at the same time letting your winners ride.
Write Stock Market Content for Stocks Simplified
Did you know that you can write stock market content for Stocks-Simplified? This site host a wide range of articles on the stock market ranging from trading strategies to investing strategies to even
Learning About The Stock Market
Learning about the stock market is the first step for anyone wanting to invest their money. This brief Stock Market Tutorial will help you to learn how the stock market works and some of the common f